Shade For Children

You can be a hero to an orphan today!

Caring for orphans

shouldn’t be so hard…

We believe it doesn’t have to be!

There are more than 100,000 children in State-run orphanages in Ukraine, including more than 3000 in our region. Our goal in the Transcarpathian Region is to get them out of these institutions and into permanent family situations, whether it be through the foster system, or adoption, or more preferably, through the restoration of their biological family units!

What YOU can do

We want to see families restored and to see children living complete, and healthy childhoods, through…

Family Preservation

You can provide services and advocacy to keep families together. 

Your support serves families-in-crisis and helps transition institutionalized kids back to their families.

Adoption & Foster Care

You can enable partnerships with churches and NGO’s to advocate for domestic adoption and foster care.

Your support encourages families to adopt or foster, and provides services and support to them when they do.

Orphanage Visitation

You can mobilize and equip volunteers to visit the same kids at the same place at the same time every week.

Your support trains volunteers and gives them resources to hold abandoned babies, and visit orphanages every week.

Camps for Children

You can provide camps in collaboration with local churches and NGOs for  vulnerable children and teens.

Your support gives kids a place to have fun, build meaningful relationships, and learn about a relationship with Christ.

About Us

We want to Unite Churches and Communities to Cherish Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

Clinton & Lena White have more than 40 years of combined children and youth ministry experience, two theology degrees, a Master’s in Finance, and soon-to-come, an MBA in non-profit management and a graduate certificate in Social Work.

Shade for Children is a founding member of the Transform Uzhhorod Alliance working with churches, NGO’s, and Business and Education leaders. Shade for Children is a registered Ukrainian Charity Fund and a US 501(c)3.


We publish a monthly email newsletter and at least one print edition per year. You can also easily follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at the bottom of this page.

Get Involved

We want to see families restored and to see children living complete, and healthy childhoods, through…


One of the best ways to get involved and make a huge difference is to make a donation to us and our ministry. Shade for Children is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization based in Vicksburg, MS. EIN: 83-4113208. 


You may not be ready to adopt an child or send money to our ministry. However, you can  support our community by signing up to receive a quarterly prayer profile for an orphaned child.

Short Term Teams

Another way to get involved is by sending a team from your church or community group to visit Shade for Children, here in Transcarpathia. We accept teams during the summer months to help staff our camp ministries or provide training for orphan-care providers and foster/adoptive parents.


If you would like to go a step further we invite you to apply for a 2 month internship with Shade for Children. During this time you will work with our staff and learn what it is truly like to serve in an international ministry!


If you have any questions about the ministry, how to get involved, or about making donations, please feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible!

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